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Changing the world one crystal at a time!

It's all about crystal chemistry & choosing the right gem for you. Take your time in browsing our beautiful crystal gems & unique divinational tools to place in your sacred space.

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Expand Your Spiritual Horizons

Take a whimsical adventure through all the learning videos provided on the YouTube channel, Moon Eir.  If your goal is to obtain enlightenment and spiritual insight, my youtube channel MOON EIR offers free videos to help you gain the awareness and learning you seek.  I encourage you to take a leap of faith and trust that your Spirit Guides led you here for a reason.  So, here's what you'll experience from my channel.


  • Dive into crystal & metaphysical knowledge.

  • Benefit from our monthly 'Oracle Over Tea' spiritual guidance mini readings. 

  • Take advantage of the galactic intel & disclosure from the monthly KFL & GFL Cosmic Connections show. 

  • Join my weekly spiritual connections 'Divine Discussions with Moon & Maria' show.

  • Mini Spirit Wisdom Videos on a variety of topics.

  • and so much more!!! 

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The Crystal Cove Experience 

Enjoy our many unique crystal pieces that have a soul story of their own to tell. Moon communicates with each piece & can express their mystical gem journey through the cosmos & how they found themselves here in earth's hidden coves. She also places each crystal through a type of vibrational healing therapy so when it arrives to your home, you are gaining the best vibrations possible. That is the #1 compliment most customers make when receiving their crystal package... "Everything just smells and feels so good." We get the same compliment when customers come into the shop. Moon does all she can to remove any and all dark energies from her own shops sacred space. It just makes sense to do the same for you with your precious crystal buddies! 


A Global Network
of Like Minded Souls

The power of connection is so vitally important during earth's great shift. Many are feeling lost & alone. We are here to reconnect you back into love & community. Join our many social media pages to learn, grow, expand, & bond.


Divinational Tools for All Spiritual Levels

Our sacred tools will help you connect to your higher self, as well as your Spiritual Guide Team. We have a wide selection of Oracle & Tarot Cards, Sages, Incense, Candles, Crystal Jewelry, & more.

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Livestream Courses & Shopping Sprees

Experience a meaningful social gathering of cosmic spiritual enlightenment & crystal properties learning all while hangin' out in your jam jams! 

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Let's Meditate With
Our Crystals Together Online

Everything's Better When Shared, Including Meditating With Crystals

When you meditate with other people online, you’ll get the support and connection you need to start practicing mindfulness & keep going.
A group can better support an individual’s inward journey & help develop a habit. Your crystal buddies want to be a part of that experience with you. So, grab your favorite crystal(s) & join us in deep meditation & love.

Mooniverse Membership

Many live their life feeling purposeless & lost. This was difficult for me to watch so I came up with a membership that brings a frequency of worthiness to those who seek to see this inside themselves. In my mission, I help others see the magical beauty & love inside themselves. Everyday, I am able to bring this frequency to them through the membership community. 

Enjoy unlimited access to
online classes, sound therapy, blogs, cosmic disclosure, spiritual guidance, exclusive merchandise, behind the scenes, free sessions, daily mediation reflection oracle pull a card & early access videos.

And yes... you can cancel any time!

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Enlightened Soul




Sacred Divine




VIP Exclusive



Recommended Crystals
& Tools for Beginners

Discover Crystals, Divination Tool, Learning Videos, and more to get started on your Awakened Soul Journey.


Connect & Expand

Crystals have this amazing ability to help connect us with the energy of the universe. They were formed in the earth’s surface millions of years ago, typically during periods of change­ and like everything else in this world, they retain the vibrations of the planet. Energy and wisdom from the beginning of existence resides inside each mineral. We’re able to harness that energy for ourselves by wearing crystals, holding them, placing them in our homes, and even carrying them with us. Their energy can aid us in transforming ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Grief & Loss

Crystals are often used for therapeutic purposes. In fact, they can help heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually. So, if you’re struggling with feelings of anger, sadness, and depression, you might want to consider using crystals to help you move forward. Gemstones can really provide you with a sense of peace and comfort as you work through difficult times. Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, heartbreak, or health problems, healing crystals can definitely help you reach a place of acceptance.


Sleep & Relaxation

The ancient belief that certain crystals, stones, and gems can benefit your health and well-being dates back to the 4th millennium BC. Crystal healing is considered a form of pseudoscientific alternative medicine that uses specific stones to provide restorative healing for a variety of ailments. Every crystal serves a unique purpose. While some help reduce stress depression, and anxiety... others ward off nightmares, worrisome thoughts, overthinking, and promote a more restful sleep. Depending on your sleep troubles, you can choose any of the following crystals I provide to help improve your sleep quality and way of life.

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Positive Energy

You probably don’t need an expert to tell you that exhaustion is practically an epidemic these days. In an era in which we’re encouraged to brag about how busy and burned out we are, it’s hardly a surprise. We could all use an extra energy boost now and then. In fact, research says that people who start their mornings energized are actually happier but is there a better way to do it than by chugging down another latte between meetings?

What if we focused on increasing our energy through our vibrations instead? If you want an energetic high that will last all day long, try one of the crystals suggested by clicking the link provided.


Energy Protection

Healing crystals are one of the biggest go-to’s for people looking to do some in-depth energy work. Whether you’re looking to align your chakras, cleanse your aura of negative attachments, protect yourself from negative entities (spiritual protection), work on your shadow, or remove energy from your sacred space there’s a crystal for that. One of the most common things people tend to go searching for with crystals IS protection. There are a variety of unique crystals that are here to help keep you safe and block out all negative vibrations from your life. I will also provide you video and some mini articles to help you better protect yourself from daily negative influences and the proper way to remove energy from your home or office.