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Crystal Show Offerings

Finding the Perfect Crystal Connection

In our Crystal Chemistry Community, we ask the Universe for the perfect crystal gem that will work well with our highest good and mission. While browsing the crystals that will be for sale on our next live show, welcome the energy to your aura and be open and receptive to the displayed crystals and allow their energy to come your way. 

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Adopt One of Our Gem Buddies

With crystals, the sky is the limit and you can use them however you feel called. One popular method is holding crystals in meditation to ground yourself and direct your attention. Or you can place your special crystal on a chakra point to ignite that part of the body.

Crystals also make for beautiful additions to your personal sacred space, and displaying them in a space you pass by often can remind you of your intentions. On the other hand, if you choose one of our smaller crystals, you can carry them with you throughout the day like you would a good luck charm.

Meet The Crystal Line Up

Angel Aura Quartz Cluster

Miloe - Pleadian Society

Smoky Quartz Tower

Bronk - Centuriën Counsel

Hemimorphite Specimen

Nylia - Fela Pe System in the Andromedan Sector

Agate Druzy Heart

Oberon - Hadar Planet in the Beta Centauri System

Pink Amethyst Sphere

Ragnar - Spican Being Who Came from a Star in the Constellation Virgo

Zeolite Specimen

Delphin - Angel Hybrid from the Azrael Bloodline of Rebirth

Amethyst Druzy Heart

Neptuna - Maldecian Resident of the Once Maldec Planet

Gray Agate Druzy Heart

Laef - Procyon Being Who Rejects Negativity

Amethyst Geode Sphere

Freyila - Elf Realm of Seasonal Transformation Energy

Clear Quartz High Flash Sphere

Devanna - (Devon & Anna) Male/Female Shared Experience

Pink Amethyst Druzy Puffy Heart

Coventina - Earth Life from Belize

Dark Gray Druzy Heart w/ Stand

Roxanna - Kalenian High Court Appointee

Amethyst Druzy Geode on Stand

Danu - Alien Hybrid Grey/Arcturian Mission: Bring Wisdom

Agate Druzy Heart

Luna - Zoy Beta Territory Being

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