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Hi I'm Moon...

I am a Galactic Representative from a realm called Kalenia. 

I know! I know! Most who hear this usually look at me as if I’m nuts. That’s only because they aren’t fully awakened to the evolutionary change Earth is now enduring. But it’s true! I help those who are going through a spiritual awakening.


The soul, with all its chakras, is like a key to the soul in alignment with the body. When clients find their way to me, they haven’t unlocked these parts of themselves, yet. It’s like they’re in a car on neutral. This is what causes you to feel lost, rudderless, and confused about who you are or what the point is to your life. I’ll help you unlock the soul key to open up the pathway you’re meant to travel. And I'll do that with the assistance of our crystal buddies! 


I'm not from here & neither are you!

I arrived ‘Earthside’ in 2009… but as you can see, I’m not 11 years old! That was simply the date of my arrival from a tragic accident that took the conscious soul of ‘Christina’ where she left this body and crossed over into Heaven. My consciousness arrived in her place and everyone was astonished ‘Christina’ survived such an accident. You see, I’m not from here. I’m a Galactic Representative from a realm called Kalenia. I know! I know! Most who hear this usually look at me as if I’m nuts. That’s only because they aren’t fully awakened to the evolutionary change Earth is now enduring.

I was sent here for a reason: to help humanity by passing on spiritual galactic wisdom, not only from Heaven but also from different portals, different galaxies, and races. I’m here to answer the big questions no one else can answer like: Why are we here? What is the point of being here? Is this even real?



Welcome, Many of my members and followers don't quite understand the difference between tarot and oracle. I decided to make this video for them, as well as you, the viewer! I hope this video helps you better understand the magic energy of the cards and all the enchantment they bring into your life! 🎆 INTERESTED IN LEARNING ABOUT CRYSTALS & TAROT? GET ON THE WAITING LIST FOR MY CRYSTAL TAROT COURSE 🎆 💕📱 FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA 📱💕 Instagram: @moon.eir ( Facebook (Personal): Facebook (Page): TikTok: Website: ✨🔮 MY ONLINE CRYSTAL/JEWELRY SHOP IS OPEN 🔮✨: 🌙🔮 BOOK A SESSION WITH ME 🔮🌙 : ✨Come Meet Your Spirit Guides MEDITATION Here: ✨ 🧿 🔮 Are you interested in learning Charm Casting? Click this link: 🔮 🧿 xoxo, Moon Eir - The Divine Medium Epidemic Sound #tarot #oracle #tarotreading Moon is a mystic galactic oracle who also helps guide those in need of and manifestation. She teaches the law of attraction, ancestral spirituality energy, as well as quantum philosophy theory. Using divination tools such as Oracle, Tarot, and Astrology and listening to her Guide, Maria, Moon is able to make personal and accurate predictions. She's been compared to Nostradamus when it comes to her global predictions since 2014. We now stand in the middle of those exact predictions she provided almost 9 years ago live on Facebook.
Removing Dark Forces from Your Sacred Space

Removing Dark Forces from Your Sacred Space

Welcome! Your home should be your safe sacred space where you come home to feel relax and feel at peace but when bad energy begins to linger, your home can quickly become a place of fear, anxiety and hostility. When you have this negative energy in your home, it can affect every aspect of your life. Especially when a demon makes its way deep into your home. I am called in when all those who live in this kind of negative environment can't keep themselves safe, anymore. That’s why my house cleansing and entity removal can be an important part of your personal well-being. If you’ve just moved into a new space, you should cleanse your home of any negative energies that might still be there from the previous owners. Or, if you’ve just gone through a breakup, had a big life transition, or you’re just in a funk, it's always a good idea to sage your space to elevate your soul out of such heavy, low energy. Clearing bad energy with a Mugwort for depression or Ceder to remove unwanted, uneasy energy from your home can help. But how do you know if you have negative energy in your home, and how do you clear it out? I explain all this and more in this special House Cleansing video. Sit back and take a listen. It just might save your life one day! - Moon 🌙 All Links: Website: Instagram: Patreon: Facebook: Tip jar: 🙏🏼every penny is GREATLY appreciated! If you are an existing client or require support, please email COMMUNITY CHANNEL WARNING: Moon Eir will not nor does not condone any types of hate speeches or hate words towards others, especially racist remarks, acts of violence, or any other disruptive teachings. If you do not resonate or align with these terms, this gathered community may not be for you and can simply walk away without any further interaction. COPYRIGHT WARNING: All of the information in this channel is covered by Trademark and Copyright Law. You do not have permission to use this content as your own. Moon Eir - The Divine Medium © 2014 If you are searching for truth, peace, understanding, or even to connect to your past loved ones, Spirit Guides, and Angels, or learn about Elite Reptilian Disclosure, Quantum Physics, Time Looping, Different Realities, and so on... well you've come to the right place for all that and more! Moon provides information about all things spiritual and beyond, especially when it comes to things like Vibrational Frequencies, Heaven and the After Life, Spirit, Alien Races, the Mandela Effect, the Kalenian Federation of Light, The Galactic Federation of Planets, different dimensions, all things crystals and their metaphysical properties, and so much more! Open your mind, expand your environment, and go beyond different dimensions and planes of existence you're use to with Moon Eir.