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Black Lily

Earthy Gold Lily Flower Minimalist Beaut


Tossing & turning or not sleeping at all can weigh heavily on the mind, body, and even the soul. Let us lull you back to sleep with our line of Black Lily sleep products. 


The worst feeling to overcome is anxiety and even stress which can lead to anxiety. Our most popular product is our anxiety remover. It has helped hundreds around the world feel more in control of their mind and has helped them to better adapt to any kind of stress.

aches n' pain

If you endure great pain, you can't truly enjoy your life or those around you. Let us bring you back to life with our greatest testimonials 

Aches n' Pains line where pain becomes a thing of the past. 


Forgetting a conversation? Losing your items left and right? Can't remember what you were just talking about? ME TOO! Which is why I love our Retrieval Concentration and Memory line. Bring your sanity back and let our focus energy blends help you recall anything your mind needs to bring back into focus.

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I can not say enough about Moon's roll-ons! I have been ordering them from her for 4 or 5 years. I have probably all or most of them. The Aches n' Pains is by far the best thing EVER! My son uses it for his migraines. This is the only thing he uses, stops them quickly! I have used it when I pulled a muscle in my neck and back. It was to the point that I couldn't move or breathe. I put on the Aches n' Pains and within a half hour, I was able to move. Reapplying at bedtime and woke up the next day like nothing was wrong. 

I also use the Breathe Easy on a regular basis, as I have Asthma & COPD. It works better than my inhalers! The Flu & Pneumonia kicks out anything within 2 - 3 days. The Anxiety Remover is definitely calming when I feel overwhelmed. 

Seriously is the best stuff out there!!!

Alisa Resta Hoffman

I have the Smudging Spray. When the house starts to feel heavy, I start upstairs and work my way down and it feels livable again. I have a hard time with burning sage due to asthma, so this is a wonderful alternative and works effortlessly.

Daretta Clark-Paul

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