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Join us on Facebook every other Wednesday 7pm EST/3pm PST for our Crystal Cove Gems Live Sales!


Our popular Lives are a fun way to get a first look at our brand new stock, learn all about healing properties of our crystals, see and purchase items in real time, have your questions answered, and connect with us and the Crystal Cove Community on a personal level... all within the comfort of your own home.

How to Access the Live Sale:

  • Open the FB app on your phone or tablet during our Live Sale hours, and navigate to our Profile @mooneir or @crystalcovegems

Hand picked items are chosen by Moon, herself, and ONLY available right here at The Crystal Cove Gems Brand. You will find many selections that possess magical and whimsical energy and feel like you just won a treasure. There are many pieces you can add to your very own crystal buddy collection. 

How to Participate:

  • Items will be shown one at a time, unless otherwise specified. If you'd like to purchase the item, comment the claim word, example: "Sold $x" or "Mine $x" etc. You MUST include the price (and letter if applicable) in your claim, or it will not count. This will help to avoid confusion due to the 10-second delay on my end.

  • The first claim on OUR screen gets the item. Please note: the first claim on your screen may not be accurate as FB gives preference to your own account. We can only go with what we see and am not responsible for attempted claims that are eaten by Facebook. Please do not claim items that have not been shown yet.

  • FB occasionally glitches and may think you're a bot and thus hide or "eat" your comment. If your comments or claims are not coming through, actively participating in the conversation, and including emojis, full sentences, or the words "Don't Block" as you claim can help rectify the situation.

  • Claiming a crystal during the Live Sale is committing to purchasing it. Please make sure you truly want it, and can afford it BEFORE claiming. We DO NOT ALLOW PUT BACKS as it is unfair to us and the other participants of the sale who may have wanted that item but selected another instead.

  • Due to the high volume of items, number of viewers, and the fast paced nature of our LIVE Shows, please do not ask to trade items with other viewers during the LIVE Show. Likewise, swapping items you have already claimed for another item shown later can interrupt the flow of the LIVE Show and is not fair to all our viewers.

How to Pay for Your Crystals:

  • We treat Wednesday's Live Sale as one order, and invoice promptly that evening into Thursday Morning.

  • If you are a new customer, you will need to DM us so the team can send you the link to your invoice located on the website under the tab MORE MOON and then drop down to CUSTOMER INVOICES FOR LIVE SHOWS. You are welcome to send us your credentials immediately after the sale to ensure prompt invoicing.

  • Payment is due within 24hrs. Please DO NOT abuse this or make us chase you. Lack of payment, late payments, and lack of communication can result in being blocked and reported on our Black List.

  • If you have any special custom made item requests (blends, perfumes, bath blends, etc.) in your basket, please allow 1 - 2 weeks for these items to be created and infused before being shipped. 

  • If you are on a live show and have an open or standing invoice with us, you will not be able to create a basket during any live shows until your invoices are all paid in full. Moon or Yvonne can and will not acknowledge any claims to a basket if you have an open invoice. If repeated claims take place during a live show, Moon or Yvonne will explain why your claims are not being acknowledged.

Helpful Advice for the Lives:

  • Facebook sometimes blocks comments during a Live if it thinks you might be a bot. Try adding some emojis, use complete sentences or include the phrase “Don’t Block Me Instagram” with your claim if you think you’re being blocked. Participating in the conversation also helps IG recognize you as human.

  • After the Live Sale, the videos are available to view on the videos section of the page. Simply navigate the timeline on our page to watch the latest video recap, which highlights the items still available.

  • Comment on the recap video to claim items with the item number and letter, if still available we’ll add it to your basket.

  • Live Sales can be exciting, but sometimes it’s hard to remember exactly what you claimed. I recommend screen capturing or keeping some paper and a pen nearby to jot down your claims.

  • If you have a weak internet connection, you may experience a lag. Exiting and reopening the app usually helps with this issue.

  • We pack our crystals with the utmost care, but sometimes the Post Office can be cruel. So, if something happens to your order, please call the shop directly for further instructions 814-254-4523

  • Most importantly: Have Fun! We cherish our Live Sales as a place to connect, learn, and to share our mutual passion for crystals. Let’s be respectful, kind, open-minded, and curious! Every crystal goes to the person for which it is meant!!!


All orders are typically shipped within 2-7 business days. Packages are shipped from within the US with USPS. Worldwide shipping is always available. If your country is missing, please email us at to have it added.

We pack our crystals with the utmost care. As such, we CANNOT be responsible for items damaged, broken or delayed/lost/stolen due to USPS. When one of these takes place, please contact USPS right away and let them know. All packages are insured and can be remedied by USPS.

International clients are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We CANNOT be responsible for items damaged, broken, or delayed/lost/stolen due to customs.


All sales are final! We do not accept returns or exchanges for any items. We try our best to accurately display and describe each and every crystal through photos, or video and Live Streaming via Facebook. Clients understand the items may vary slightly due to the uniqueness of each stone, and differences in screen coloring.

That being said, we want all our crystals to be loved, and our clients happy. Please let us know if there is an issue. If we do accept a return, a restocking fee or return shipping fee may apply.

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