This nifty blend was actually created for my Justin. He suffers from Allergies & Asthma TERRIBLY. So, I came up with this strong blend to knock his lungs back into groove. The Breath Easy Blend is designed to increase the lungs capacity to breathe and clear the sinuses. Keep it in your bag, pocket, or car and apply as needed on your head, neck, chest, and ESPECIALLY under your nose to revitalize your senses. When I made this for Justin, he couldn't stop thanking me for being able to breath, again. This blend is also very useful if you are a regular at the local massage parlor. After receiving a massage, the nostrals tend to become clogged up. You can grab this out of your bag, roll over your nose, and bring your air flow back to normal capacity! 



Breath Easy Allergy, Asthma, Flu Relief Roll On Blend