Allergies can present itself in many different ways. But for many people, a sneezy, sniffly, and runny nose can be one of the most bothersome symptoms. One way to tackle nasal allergies is with special sprays that target nasal allergies directly, like our special blend of the highest qualiitly oils specifically targeting relief of any allergy known to man. 


I created this blend to help many of those around me suffering from allergies, which seems to have heightened in the past years. I had to come up with a unique blend that helps remove the symptoms that was als fast acting. I find that when you spray this mist around your face right when you start feeling symptoms, it kicks into gear and no more symptoms surface, thereafter. I see the comfort this mist brings to those around me, as well as myself. It is now becoming one of the most popular blends in the shop, besides my Aches n' Pains Roll On and Fibro Bath Blend. It's becoming one of the greatest creations in my Brand Line! 


This listing is for one Allergy Mist Spray. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium


This product is made with natural essential, fragrance oils, and carrier oils. The colored cap, gem stones, and general color may vary slightly.

This product is for external use only and not to be ingested.

Allergy Mist for Relieving Allergic Symptoms