This water-like stone washes away stress and fear, leaving room for peace and tranquility in their absence. Aquamarine protects the psyche from taking on dark vibrations and negative behavioral patterns. Easy is the essence of the smooth flowing energy of aquamarine. It gently brings rejuvenation and renewal to the mind, body and spirit.


The soothing, go with the flow frequencies of Aquamarine make it an excellent tool in crystal healing. Along with opening and activating the heart chakra, the energy center associated with unconditional love and compassion, Aquamarine also supports physical healing. By stimulating the throat chakra, the Aquamarine gem helps to enhance immunity by opening the flow between the heart and the throat energy centers. Aquamarine is also associated with water, which gives it a cooling effect on the body. I  suggest placing one of these Aquamarine Cubes over any areas that are inflamed or in pain, which will aid in your natural healing process.


Use during Bathtime:

Make your bath time with the Aquamarine stone even more magical when you enhance its healing effects with detoxifying Himalayan sea salts and the anti-inflammatory benefits of Dead Sea salts. Light a candle for a glowing ambiance and get ready to travel far away to your happy place. The dazzling blue waters of an island paradise is a great place to start. As you imagine dolphins frolicking in the waves, let yourself sink deeper into a state of relaxation while you soak in the water essences of Aquamarine, the stone of peace and tranquility.


Infuse your bath water and skin care products:  

Aquamarine has hardness of 7.5 - 8, which makes it ideal for making a gem essence. When you infuse Aquamarine properties into bath water, you can use it to cleanse and activate the throat chakra whenever you need to recharge and renew. Aquamarine is also great for its skincare benefits, which is why I strongly recommend using this gem essence as a beauty water spray or place in your lotion. 


Restore balance and tranquility into your energy fields with this Aquamarine Tumbled Crystal, the stunning and vibrant crystal that evolved over the millennia from our incredibly vast and beautiful oceans.


This listing is for one Aquamarine Tumbled Cube. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium


All crystals in the shop are fully bathed in divine white light cleansing with an organic herbal mixture created by The Divine Medium and infused with Holy Fire Healing as she plays powerful and high vibrational singing bowl therapy music and mantra energy before the crystal is sent to their new home. Please note... that all crystals, minerals, rocks, and fossils are a natural product from Mother Earth and are rarely perfect (despite the tireless efforts on Christina's part in finding the best quality stones.) We try to captrue as many angels on the products as possible. So, please love the perfect imperfections your crystal holds. What it possesses on the inside is much more powerful. Your particular crystal is there to assist you in any way it can. 

Aquamarine Tumbled Cubes to Activate Skincare, Calm, & Infuse Healthy Bath Water