Shapes have meaning and can symbolise different things. Certain shapes make you feel a certain way - and good designers know this! Sacred geometric patterns are the perfect shapes and patterns that form the fundamental templates for life in the universe. But sacred shapes also represent the intangible, mystical elements of life. Why else would we so drawn to them? I try to place certain sacred geometry around my decor in my home and office for this very reason. 


The polygon shapes represent the feminine and the symbol for creation (7 circles, 7 days, 7 chakras, 7 musical notes). Combined with the energy of a Black Obsidian you gain an intense, mysterious vibration that brings a deep psychic cleanse. Known as the "psychic vacuum cleaner," the Obsidian crystal is your spiritual maid service, working hard to clean up the emotional wreckage and debris from the past. A bodyguard to your soul, the Obsidian stone also protects you from shadow traits like addiction, fear, anxiety, and anger by acting as a mirror to your inner self.


The Obsidian meaning is often linked to the concept of darkness.  Just like our ever-spinning planet and its phases of night and day and the constant mystery of the moon phases, the human soul also contains elements of light and dark. As a powerful protection stone, the Obsidian can help you identify your dark side so that its healing properties can clear it away from your psyche/mind. Everyone has a good and bad side of soul learning so instead of trying to hide from your inner truth, shine a bright light on the negativity and clear it away FOR GOOD! Obsidian will assist us in doing this by helping us to choose the path leading us towards light and above all, LOVE!


This listing is for one Black Obsidian Polygon Sacred Shape Crystal. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Black Obsidian Polygon for Ancient Protection & Mourning/Letting Go