During this important time of Harvest, we begin the process of Shadow work well into the winter months. Winter provides us much needed alone time to work on ourselves away from outside influencing. With any deep transformation, you must safe guard your spiritual practice from unwanted energy and distractions. As Black Tourmaline is the most protective gem that you can work with, it will place a shielding around you deflecting any negative vibes away from you and allowing you to vibrate with Divine Light like the wick that flickers from its candle. 


The sacred shape of the hexahedron keeps you grounded, as well as rooting you through your Root Chakra keep you strong in your spiritual foundation. We like Cubes at the Divine Medium Crystal Cove because they remind you to stay focused, especially during meditations but also to rooting in your intentions and manifestions for your life. Place within your sacred spaces like your bedside table next to your bed, in your office at work, and mainly your altar to maintain that protective energy throughout your day. 


This listing is for one Black Tourmaline Mini Candleholder.  I have a few options to offer you:, so please choose from the drop down menu to what calls to your soul. Your item(s) will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Black Tourmaline Mini Candleholder for Protective Barriers