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Discover the mystical realm of serendipity with our Blind Date Tarot or Oracle Deck Bundles. We believe that fate has a way of connecting us with the most extraordinary experiences, and what better way to explore this enchanting world than through the art of divination?


Your adventure begins with a beautifully packaged bundle, personally curated for you by The Divine Medium team and chosen for you by your Spirit Guide team. Inside, you'll find your intuitively chosen Tarot or Oracle Deck, each brimming with ancient wisdom and symbols that invite you to unlock the mysteries of your heart's desires. But that's not all – we've included a delightful assortment of extras to elevate your mystical journey.


Each package is beautifully wrapped, sealed and paired with:




& a Bookmarker


(If you'd like to add in a magical tumbler with your card deck, use the drop-down menu to choose to your heart's desire!) 


Choose from:

Tarot Cards are a system of divination comprised of a 78 Card deck made up of the major and minor arcana. This system doesn't vary in structure but does vary in artist portrayal.


Oracle Cards are not defined by a system like tarot. They are created by the author and have between 33 and 55 cards per deck (some have more). Oracle Cards are good for a message of the day or as a way to "clarify" the messages of a tarot reading.


Please Note: although you can choose between Tarot and Oracle Cards, specific title, authors and sub-genres are not guaranteed. 


Your mystical package will include one brand-new Tarot OR Oracle deck, plus a selection of magical goodies.



Ships out by end of June
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