These Blue Aura Quartz Spheres are breathtaking. Besides being captivated by them, they also have wonderful qualities. They activate your Throat Chakra for a more healthy communication system both internally and externally. They will help you to speak more lovingly to others when you find this to be difficult, especially considering the recent times we find ourselves in. You will also find that these rainbow blues bring you feelings of serenity, calm, and peace to the emotions, as well as smoothing out any stresses you may have accumulated during your day. 


Our Blue Auras are strong and mainly used for protection against psychic attacks. They will prevent any negative effects from any type of energy you may connect with or come in contact with. These gems hold a very intense energy, so having them around you for maybe only for short periods at first as you work your energy alignment to theirs, will help you bond quicker to your special sphere. This high vibration relates to the alchemical method used to bond the gold onto the Quartz. 


They are very useful to use during meditation for a number of reasons. They will heal any problem areas in your auric field and cleanse it of any negativity. This energy resonates within all of the higher chakras to aid you to connect with spirit and understand their communication with you more clearly. Spheres, in general, radiate energy in all four sacred directions. Wherever you place your Blue Aura Quartz, you will find that it will fill your entire sacred space with its high vibrational energy. An exoberate joyful stone to meditate in deep consciousness by connecting to your higher authority for some overdue guidance sessions! 


This listing is for one Blue Aura Quartz Sphere (Sizes may vary). Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium


All crystals in the shop are fully bathed in divine white light cleansing with an organic herbal mixture created by The Divine Medium and infused with Holy Fire Healing as she plays powerful and high vibrational singing bowl therapy music and mantra energy before the crystal is sent to their new home. Please note... that all crystals, minerals, rocks, and fossils are a natural product from Mother Earth and are rarely perfect (despite the tireless efforts on Christina's part in finding the best quality stones.) We try to captrue as many angles on the products as possible. So, please love the perfect imperfections your crystal holds. What it possesses on the inside is much more powerful. Your particular crystal is there to assist you in any way it can. 

Blue Aura Quartz Spheres for Emotional Peace & Calm