If you're a crystal aficionado, you may have recently noticed there’s a mesmerizing, deep blue crystal resembling a galaxy that has popped up everywhere. Blue Goldstone, along with its orange version (known as Goldstone or Sandstone), has quickly become a staple in online healing gemstones thanks to its unique shiny appearance and attractive sparkly nature.


Also known as "star stone," you may be surprised to learn that this special crystal is not a natural stone, but rather a man-made creation. Therefore, you might be wondering whether Blue Goldstone has any beneficial properties or if it can be even considered a healing crystal at all. The answer is absoulately, YES!


Technically speaking, both Goldstone and Blue Goldstone are made of quartz sand that has been heated, melted, and then infused with other particles like copper, feldspar, manganese, cobalt, or chromium to give them their captivating and cheery colors. Even though this beautiful gem cannot be found in nature, its components are all naturally-occurring minerals, filled with beneficial properties that can have positive effects on your physical, emotional, and spiritual being.


Blue Goldstone is a gentle grounding gem that promotes vitality and gives you a boost of energy to pursue your goals. If you struggle with stomach issues, we advise carrying this Blue Goldstone Buddha as it may help reduce discomfort, lower pain, and inhibit inflammation. Its vibration can benefit those who suffer from arthritic conditions, bone and joint pain, and problems with circulation, as well. 


Our sparkling friend will help you to accept reality and move forward, making it an excellent gem for those who have recently been through heartbreak, no matter the cause. Blue Goldstone offers hope that the universe has something better in store and allows you to acknowledge life-changing insights that need to be understood.


This listing is for one Blue Goldstone Buddha. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Blue Goldstone Buddhas for Vitality, Peace, & Reducing Discomfort