I highly recommend a Bumblebee Jasper to anyone who is at a point in their path of closing or ending certain parts of their life and beginning a new one. The sunny delight of this stone will enable you to accept the change, find new opportunities, increases your self-esteem, and even aid you in making decisions without relying solely on your emotions. Its vibrations are of great assistance in finding the good in things coming to an end (although many of these things may seem very bad on the physical surface.) Situations like  losing a job, going through a hurtful breakup or divorce, or even having to relocate to another living place can often discourage one, but the vibrations of Bumblebee Jasper are a powerful friend in quickly learning from these endings and creating new chapters in your life. Without change, benefit and happiness can not come. Without change, you will never understand the depths of who you truly are! 


This ball of sunflower energy increases the active neurons in the gut, which allows you to become more closely attuned to your internal spiritual instincts. When working with Bumblebee Jasper you can feel this sort of “buzzing” vibration in your gut, which will assist you in becoming more aware of opportunities that surround you and your soul purpose. It will attune you to quickly spot golden opportunities, and assist in knowing the exact moment to execute action. Bumblebee Jasper also enhances assertiveness, courage, endurance, and concentration. As a stone of adventure, it can spark inspiration to travel to new places, or even make new discoveries in familiar places. It's golden flares will assist you in whatever type of adventure you embark on by helping with quick thinking, decision making, and inner knowing of where to go next on your soul's path. 


Strongly stimulating your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, Bumblebee Jasper will free you of any blocked energies in these particular areas so that you may fully manifest the things you feel called to do. If you are a writer, artist, or singer this sunny vibration will inspire you to create and feel unblocked in your efforts of inspiration. The energy flow here brings high levels of inspiration and intensity into your creative energy. It will inspire you to pursue new projects and increase your power of persistence to not give up despite any obstacles that may interfere with your progress. This is especially effective when you are pursuing something deeply meaningful to you and your soul's purpose.


This listing is for one Large Bumblebee Jasper Sphere. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Bumblebee Jasper Large Spheres for Spirit Attunement & Golden Opportunities