Step into mystical power and joyful enlightment by bonding with this Bumblebee Jasper Skull. Many seem to have one of two reactions to crystal skulls. Either they feel extremely drawn to them, or they feel the opposite and do not like them at all and even feel a definite fear of them. Some fear them because they think they are in some way related to black magic or to other negative practices. This is far from the truth. Crystal Skulls can be used like any other crystal. Like for example, crystal balls. Crystal skulls can show visions of the past, present, and future. Skulls, like crystals, emit energy frequency especially in the ways of psychic protection, auras, and even sounds. YES, sound!!! Many point to the Mayan creation that reference crystal skulls and a story that 13 crystal skulls were scattered by the Mayans thousands of years ago to be discovered and reunited in modern times. 


There is an interesting thing that seems to happen when you put a number of skulls together. You have a stronger combined resonance happening.

They seem to work together, and if you keep them close to each other they absorb each others energy, which creates a stronger overall result. 

This is part of the reason why people who collect crystal skulls just seems to feel a need to add more skulls. With each addition you seem to end up with a stronger overall vibration happening. They can aid healing if you are a healer, as this combination of energy can be amplified by the group dynamic. With our Bumblebee Jasper, adding it to your crystal collection will boost the joyful dynamic within that group setting. It invigorates your creative capacity and will for adventure by teaching you the possibilities of manifesting your dreams and inspirations into reality.



Ground yourself by connecting to mother earth and imagining your roots going deep into her centre. Ask that you be connected to source or your Angels/Guides and that you are totally safe and protected during this exercise.

How to meditate with your Crystal Skull:

* Hold your crystal skull in your hand in front of your heart.

* Ask that the crystal skull be cleared of any old programming and that it works for the light for the highest good of all.

* Connect to a feeling of unconditional love in your heart. Send this love and joy to your crystal skull inviting it to work with you.

* Invoke your Angels, Ascended Masters, and the ancient Keepers of the Crystal Skulls to activate your crystal skull.

* Ask it be connected to the crystal skull higher consciousness.

* Also, ask it be connected to the star system it resonates with and the portal or sacred space and power point it resonates with.

* Sit in quiet contemplation for a while, at this point you may be given the name of your skull and trust the first thing that comes to your mind.

* If you do not hear the name, know that this will be revealed in divine right timing.


Working with your skull one on one: 

* Choose just one crystal skull to work with and focus on creating a special connection between you and your skull. Work with one crystal skull for two weeks and get to know how it communicates with you. Once you have done this with one skull, you may find it easier connecting to the rest of your crystal skull family (if you have one).

* Keep your skull with you each day for 5-10 mins by sitting in quiet meditation with it.

* Spend time out in nature with your crystal skull. Place it on the Earth or sit by the River with it. Take photos of your skull in Nature…can you see Orbs?

* Try some automatic writing with your skull; dream work; grid work, healing; work with elements and elementals. Llet it help you study or just relax with your crystal skull to be grateful for all its wisdom and understanding. 


This listing is for one Bumblebee Jasper Skull. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Bumblebee Jasper Skull for Positive Energy & a Joyful Soul