Have you every wanted to know your own unique gifts and abilities? Well, look no further than our ocean view Caribbean Calcite which will activate your mind and help you to channel your own psychic abilities which aid in elevating your consciousness.  It will also aid in your inner vision and clairvoyance. Caribbean Calcite can help you to be more sensitive to the thoughts of others while enhancing telepathic communication.


Contrary to what the name suggests, this rare gem does not hail from the Caribbean, it actually originates from Pakistan who’s coastal shore borders the Arabian Sea. Our tropical-looking Caribbean Calcite was discovered in Pakistan  in 2019. It contains a very soothing light ocean blue Calcite, as well as white and brown Aragonite which gives you that  feeling like you are at the beach... relaxing. 

In case, you aren't sure what white and brown Aragonite is or how it can help you, here's a brief description for you crystal lovers. Well first, it acts as a stabilizing stone and will assist those who need to release issues from the past and attachments in the present. It can also be used for grounding and centering before meditation, allowing for better communication and connection to the higher planes. It helps in grounding you spiritually into the lower chakras, raising the overall vibration of the body. Brown Aragonite provides insight into problems, and increases self-worth and self-confidence. Finally, it diminishes stress and anger, while bringing patience into a situation when it is needed the most.


This listing is for one Caribbean Blue Calcite Tower. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Moon Eir - The Divine Medium

Caribbean Blue Calcite Tower for Soul Activation