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Charoite is a stone of deep transformation!!! It‘s a soul stone with big bold energy. Charoite is full of emotional healing, spiritual strength, and helps to regulate us in the best of ways.


For those you who want a gem with high vibrations and the divine touch, Charoite could be it for you. Healers, sages, and those who work in the intuitive realms, like myself, absoluately adore Charoite as it helps to create a space for the integration of energy. Not only am I obsessed with the colors and mesmerized by the frequency it gives off but I also see how it affects the person seeking guidance and help from me. I see how it changes their energy and transforms their perspective to a higher vibrational outlook.


Charoite is here to bring the light. Splashed with purple potency, this stone is all about positive transformation. For a clean slate thinking and welcoming great chance into your life, it's important to let go of negative energy and to practice being present in the here and now. Charoite helps you to cut through the noise, to embrace deep insight, and to live in accordance with your highest sense of authenticity.


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