Our golden smooth sphere is your personal bodyguard who fights toxins away from your body both physically and spiritually. It will give you amplified thoughts and send healing vibrational energy all over your body which will promote amazing health all over. It is here to absorb any negative energy from your body and project it away while it grounds and moves wide ranges of frequencies from the spiritual realm to the physical realm.


Our stunning Copper Sphere has been used medically for thousands of years in various ancient cultures. It was also used in rituals for its unique energetic properties. The common belief is that Copper protects the blood against disease by supporting the blood's healing powers. It aids greatly in blood circulation to increase overall physical vibrations, and urges the opening of blocked energy within the body by dispersing negative energy while attracting a positive change energetically.


This listing is for one Copper Sphere. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium


All crystals in the shop are fully bathed in divine white light cleansing with an organic herbal mixture created by The Divine Medium and infused with Holy Fire Healing as she plays powerful and high vibrational singing bowl therapy music and mantra energy before the crystal is sent to their new home. Please note... that all crystals, minerals, rocks, and fossils are a natural product from Mother Earth and are rarely perfect (despite the tireless efforts on Christina's part in finding the best quality stones.) We try to captrue as many angels on the products as possible. So, please love the perfect imperfections your crystal holds. What it possesses on the inside is much more powerful. Your particular crystal is there to assist you in any way it can. 

Copper Spheres for Overall Healing Power