The language of Egypt sings vibrantly through the pure divine light of this Selenite Merkaba (mer 'light' ka 'spirit' ba 'body'). A Merkaba, commonly known as the 3-D Star of David, has been used in sacred traditions for centuries, even going back to King Solomon in the Old Testament. Symbolizing the ideal meditative state in Hinduism, magical ceremonies, and symbolizes a vehicle of light, reaching for higher realms, Divine Light, and perfect equilibrium between the laws of complimentary opposites. Contained within a sphere, it represents the energy field of the spirit body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light that bring one from one dimension to another.


This large bundle of light will stimulate and tingle your Crown Chakra and connect you to the higher realms of peace and intuition by simply holding or being near. The geometric frequency of Merkaba will bring along levels of great astral projection, time travel, and outer dimensional knowledge on many many levels. The powerhouse energy of a Selenite Merkaba Star will magnify and shift your life through a smooth path of joy and vivid dreaming. Selenite is our true connection to the Moon Goddess of Selene (since this gem was named after her). She graciously allows us to obtain her manifesting talent of psychic vision and apply it in our dream world giving us the advantage of soul learning paths and foreseen adventures. 


Warning: you do not want to place any kind of Selenite in water for it can become brittle and break apart. It is a very fragile gem is a strong one but possesses a weak physical structure with a powerhouse energy gleaming hiding inside it's outer shell. We take on the attriubutes of a Selenite if you truly think about it.  We are very strong beings but can be physically fragile just like our light friend the Selenite.


This listing is for one Selenite Large Merkaba Star. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium