Daisy's POP feisty personality pulls you in and you just want to cuddle and have fun with her. Her soul is very young in it's learning like many here on earth. Even though she's younger in her learning, she shows a zest for life. She's visted many dimensions but she favors heaven the most. She is much like a little hippie in heaven. Shs is very drawn to the wisdom of th Angels and the calming energy of the water's melody. She is a true tree hugger and lover of nature. She places me among wooded areas of different realms she walked among.  These are the places she is the most drawn to in the physical. If you place her outside in the grass, you will make her a very happy camper.  So, she's a great companion when you struggle with life's ups and downs due to her constant smiling, laughing, and don't sweat the small stuff attitude. Her ultimate goal, not unlike her cluster mountain of Amethyst family she was crafted from, is to bring harmonized healing and love on all levels of learning. You can't go wrong with Daisy. 

Daisy Della