The ideal crystal for all types of energy clearing that protects and shields your energy body, as well as clear the energy of your other crystals, as well as your home. Here at the Crystal Cove we are particularly fond of the Selenite Athames. They are never actually used to cut anyting physicaly, but rather they are a wonderful metaphyical tool of defense. You can quickly release stagnat energy in order to create a more smooth flowing stream of positive energy right to you. But what we love the most about them is that they are meant to release energetic ties that no longer serve the higher self and through a practice called 'cord cutting,' We sometimes may even pick up energetic bonds with others that do not serve our highest good. This happens when we absorb someone who maybe a drama queen or someone who likes to gossip and cause issues. Even your typical energy vampire who sucks the life out of you. 


Occasionally, we feel like something is pulling on our energy or holding us back, and we may also need to release negative thoughts or behaviors from within. 

Cutting the cord helps us to cleanse ourselves daily of the unnecessary energy we pick up so our spiritual bodies remain protected, at all times. Remember, this practice isn’t meant to cut emotional or soul ties, we are simply releasing energy ties through this practice. You are in charge of your own energy! Follow the directions below to do this procedure correctly for yourself:


Cutting Cord Procedure to Cleanse Daily Unwanted Energy:

  • Cleanse your space with smudging sage
  • Use the Selenite Athame Dagger to cut the energy cord below your chest between your lungs area where your Solar Plexus would be located
  • After cutting in a circle formation in this area, you will want to replace what you've cut with love, light, and positive thoughts and thank the energy for allowing you to learn from it... return it back to the light where it can be recycled into good energy
  • Take some time to reflect, forgive, and appreciate what you’ve learned


This listing is for one Selenite Athame Dagger. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Divine Light Selenite Athame Dagger to Cut Away Stuck Energy