This bundle was custom arranged by the Guides and holds great offering to ones soul. The Gjuides gathered gems, cutom oil blends, bath blends, and my cutom made perfumes and other magical items that were called to be in this package in order to bring nourishment to your spiriti and physical healing to your body. 


You can also gift this custom bundle to someone else and what a magical gift to share with somene!!! Especially, for Christmas! Just share in the purchase notes who you feel guided to gifted this bundle to. Some of the items you see are listed in the shop, and other special goodies that are not listed. 


This listing is for one intuitively chosen Divine Medium Custom Brand Bundle. This special package will take 5 -10 business days to create before shipping. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in purple paper and mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium


The goodies in this package: 

1 Cast Iron Cauldron w/ Lid

1 Black Obsidian Scrying Plate

1 Selenite Charging Plate

6 Large Candles (Healing, Abundance, Positive Energy, Spirit, Good Health, & Sacral for Creativity) 

1 Black Tourmaline Sphere w/ Clear Holding Base

1 Black Tourmaliine Crystal Heart

1 Amethyst Oval Palm

1 Rose Quartz Oval Palm

1 Tiger Eye Oval Palm

1 Raw Clear Quartz Cluster

1 Smoky Quartz Tumbled

1 Fluorite Tumbled

1 Red Jasper Tumbled 

1 Raw Pink Tourmaline Cluster

1 Large Goldstone Palm

1 Enchanted Candle

1 Divina Perfume

1 Willow Perfume

1 Enchanted Perfume

1 Breath Easy Roll On

1 Restless Legs Roll On

1 PTSD Eliminator Roll On

1 Chakra Bliss Roll On

1 ADHD Comfort Roll On

1 Memory Enhancement Roll On

1 Energy Boost Roll On

1 Weight Loss Roll On

1 Nausea Relief Roll On

1 Anxiety Relief Roll On

1 Aches N' Pains Roll On 

1 Bedtime Slumber Roll On

1 Intuition Roll On

1 Smudging Spray Mist

1 Maxi's Skin Itch Spray Mist

1 Lady GaGa Soak Blend

1 Aphyrodite Soak Blend

1 Moon Goddess Protection & Release Soak Blend

1 Crystal Oracle Deck

1 Large Mugwort OR Black Sage

1 Goddess Incense Pack

1 Divine Medium Logo Pen

1 Divine Medium Logo Mesh Bag


This listing is for one Divine Medium Custom Brand Bundle. Your items will arrive lovingly parceled in purple paper and mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Divine Medium Custom Brand Bundle