For the past 3 years, my most popular blend in the shop was always the Lady GaGa  Fibro Blend. After launching that blend, we recieved so many testimonials (and still do to this day) recieve wonderful messages of how this particular blend has relieved the severe pain that comes along with this diasease but also how it aids in relieving simple body aches and pains from day to day stresses. For 3 years I've been mixing and custom making this blend for so many souls in need of relief that I find myself now on the same path of pain. The same blend that helped so many would eventually be the prime medication I need to survive this ailment that puts so much on the body that its hard to even move sometimes.


I originally made this blend for Lady GaGa who requested I make something special to relieve her of her own pain. I now know that same pain and I use this blend for this very reason. So, we've given the Fibro Blend a new look and a new feel. I hope you all enjoy it's power packed pain fighting essentials because I use only the best ingredients in this blend to help aid you on your path of healing. 


This listing is for one Fibromyalgia Bath/Foot Soak Blend Bottle. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

DM Fibromyalgia Bath Blend/Foot Soak to Relieve Severe Aches & Pains




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