Legend has it that Dragon's Blood Jasper is the remains of deceased ancient dragons. The green of the skin and red of the blood. It brings an intense healing that promotes courage, strength, and vitality like a dragon would in order to support centeredness and grounding within you. A dragon is cunning and possess a clear mind, body, and spirit. This helps open the heart in inspiring others in a compassionate way. A harmonious balance that helps you face life and difficulties with courage, honesty, and dertermination. With its unique color pattern, it is best to use it in combination with love and passion for an interested soul path decision you are about to embark on for our little merkaba friend is known as the 'Stone of Courage.'


So, why do we work spiritually with a merkaba shape? Well, the secret is in the message it brings. Merkaba goes deeper than most realize. Besides possessing pure divine energy, constantly spinning, harmonizing, balancing, flowing, moving and expanding in all four directions at all times supporting you where you want to go, the Merkaba also allows you to go into any spiritual dimension as it is infinitely circulating the flow of energy from the divine trinity with all elements, in all directions and all at the sametime. Humans have not mastered this energy, yet but as humans evolve, this energy will be well known in it's near future.


This listing is for one Dragon's Blood Jasper Merkaba. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Dragon's Blood Jasper Merkaba for Strength, Balance, & Ancient Wisdom