Have you been feeling sluggish, tired, or even "drugged up?" The heavy energy of Earth's shift and the environmental changes taking places upon this realm is placing a heavy cloak over the souls here. So, you may feel like your energy is being zapped and you are having trouble sleeping at night. I've created this blend after seeing all the comments on Facebook about the feelings of overly tired and unmotivated. 


This blend is specifically infused with ingredients to bring forth an energy boost to your soul to get it going and motivate it to do what it needs to do. It's also great at getting the mind focused. You will see results within minutes! 


This listing is for one Energy Booster/Focus Blend Roll On. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium



For external use only!

Is very flammable so please keep your Palo Santo Spray away from heat or firey flames!
Keep out of reach of children.

Do not swallowed product. If swallowed, please seek medical assistance. 

Contact your local Poison Control Facility, IMMEDIATELY! 

If a rash or skin irritation occurs on the skin or placed on an open wound, please stop using the product and consult with your doctor right away! This maybe an allergic reaction to one or more items placed in the products blend.  
Do not place in eyes, ears, or digestion of any kind. If contact is made in these areas, rinse thoroughly with water until feeling better or satisfied that all the product has been cleaned thoroughly from the area. 

Energy Booster & Focus for the New Year Drain on Spiritual Frequency