Fluorite benefits, including:

(The Rainbow of Life)

  • If Fluorite appears in your life, it might be a sign that it's time for a major emotional facelift.
  • Heals and rejuvenates the aura.
  • When confusion clouds your mind, rediscover the path to happiness with an all over mind-body-spirit detox using the Fluorite crystal, your spiritual vacuum cleaner for the dust bunnies in your head.
  • Gets rid of cluttered thoughts and negative patterns that no longer serve your best interest.
  • Keep the creative juices flowing by meditating with Fluorite, a stone that gives order to chaos. (As you inhale, imagine its white light of healing vibrations infusing your spirit with its energizing waves of clarity and rejuvenation.)
  • An excellent stone for students, the Fluoride crystal works to boost peacefulness and clear focus in your environment, making it a must-have for those times when you need to concentrate.
  • This makes it a popular tool to include in healing layouts, especially if you're feeling mentally blocked.
  • When you're put to the test, ask Fluorite to clear your head of toxic "psychic" debris and transform those thoughts into new ideas and innovations.
  • Your stepping-stone to better decision-making and enhanced concentration.
  • For those suffering from attention deficit disorder or learning disabilities, the Fluorite crystal healing properties work to calm and soothe the mind by starving your distractions.


Repeat while meditating:

"I will keep my creativty to a high and allow my mind to have my full attention."


Because healing stones absorb negativity, it's important to cleanse your stones often with sage sticks by smudging the crystals until they are immersed in smoke. You can also recharge your special little buddy with a singing bowl or small bell by creating a high pitch ringing tone. 


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