As I held these chunky pieces of Garnet, I realized the rejuvanting energy it could bring children in tapping into their own innnate creative nature. We as adults can sometimes find it hard to pull ourselves away from the busy"ness" of our lives to even think on the level of a child's mind. As they grow older, it becomes harder and harder for them to express themselves in constructive ways. Just as adults have before becoming an adult. Garnet seeks to aid your child, as well as yourself, in releasing toxic emotions so that the child, and yourself, can express creative words, art, and even other mediums of communications. For example, dance. 


Keep a piece in your child's playroom or in the central room of your home to boost this creative expression. It is also very great to have as a companion during craft time with your child, as well as journaling time with yourself. 


Garnet helps moms think outside the box and express themselves in new and unique ways. It helps you to put your genius ideas to work and bring them to fruition. It can also aid you in completing those projects or goals you've set for yourself. Keep this spunky, chuncky Garnet near you when you are daydreaming about your future. Garnet will be your creative buddy along the way. 


This listing is for one Garnet. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium


All crystals in the shop are fully bathed in divine white light cleansing with an organic herbal mixture created by The Divine Medium and infused with Holy Fire Healing as she plays powerful and high vibrational singing bowl therapy music and mantra energy before the crystal is sent to their new home. Please note... that all crystals, minerals, rocks, and fossils are a natural product from Mother Earth and are rarely perfect (despite the tireless efforts on Christina's part in finding the best quality stones.) We try to captrue as many angels on the products as possible. So, please love the perfect imperfections your crystal holds. What it possesses on the inside is much more powerful. Your particular crystal is there to assist you in any way it can. 

Garnet for Creative Expression & Releasing Toxic Emotions