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  • If you trust that crystals can heal through their energy, then that means the energy within the crystal is going to be very important for the person holding it. So, I made sure that each piece I sell is sent to its new home with the most pure and powerful energy possible!

    Every crystal sold is infused with a powerful healing energy, as well as three times a week, the crystals are bathed in lukewarm water, carefully dried off, and bathed in energy sound therapy to regulate their oscillatory rate. I hand heal every piece before it leaves the shop with specific energy frequency of pure love and unconditional abundance. 

    Once a crystal arrives to it's new home, it's important to give it intentional directions. Crystals are like worker bees. They need a job to do or they become lazy couch potatoes with nothing to do.  Simply hold your crystal in your hands, close your eyes, and tell your new crystal buddy what you would like it to do for you (in the confides of it's own property guidelines... for example, Rose Quartz aids in unconditional love and Amethyst supports in healing all things on all levels.) Base your intentions on the perimeters of what that crystal is meant to do but give it specific instructions within it's own perimeters. So, if you have a Rose Quartz, you would say, "Please help me to feel better with this breakup" OR "I would like assistance with my relationship with my mother. I want to be more loving towards my her."  Just state what you want to accomplish and the crystal's energy will do the rest.

    If you want to learn how your crystals work and how to better explain how crystals work when discussing this topic with others, then take a peek at the videos provided in the Crystal Section to learn more about how crystals actually work and how do they do what they do so well?!?!

  • All Sales Final.

    Exchanges are acceptable. 

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