Before all religious ceremonies,  herb was offered to the spirits. The universal method of inviting people to feasts or notifying them of ceremonies was the delivery of a small amount of dry herbs by a runner sent out for that purpose. When a shaman agreed to accept a client's case, he indicated it by taking the offered gift of tobacco.


Herbs and Tobacco also sealed peace treaties between tribes and agreements between individuals. For such a purpose, the chief often kept a special pipe with a long decorated stem. While pipes of this sort have been called "peace pipes," the stem, called a calumet, was actually more important. During disagreements between individuals in a tribe, the pipe or the stem could be held between them to stop the quarrel, an they would be encouraged to smoke together to end their disagreement. Smoking together was also a way to seal bargains or agreements between leaders of different groups, and offering a pipe to someone meant an end to hostilities. A time of peace and calm.


Rolled in organic hemp cones, these other worldly peaceful energies hold loose herbs of a premier line of certified organic, additive-free herbal ceremonial smoking blend that calls to your ancient ancestors to gather round. Sacred herbs open your heart and mind to wellness, encouraging calm, balance and restfulness, all in a smooth, sensual mix. This particular blend brings forth mystical harmonious calm to the soul and balances one's day.


This listing is for one Herbal CBD Hemp Blend Roll. I have a few options to offer you, so please choose from the drop down menu what calls to your soul. Your item(s) will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium


The industrial hemp used in this offering comes from a lab tested Department of Agriculture licensed Hemp farm in Oregon, contains less than 0.3% Delta -9 THC, and is legally grown in accordance with the 2018 US Federal Farm Bill. Full lab analysis results available upon request. 

Herbal CBD Hemp Blend Roll for the Mystic Realm Connection