Just by looking at a Labradorite gem you can get a feel for its powerful energy. At first, you may not see much. But as soon as you catch a glimpse of its labradorescence high flash, you’ll be reminded of the magic of the universe and the allure within you. And what better way to equate bewitchment and mystery than our very own Dragon Totem who is the ultimate representation of enchantment.


In many mythical stories and cultures, the mention of a dragon‘s name would signify honor but also fear. The Dragon Spirit Animal is widely respected all over the world and regarded as an inspiration for human survival. Over the centuries, the art of making movies, writing books, and poems have drawn their motivation through this magnificent, powerful creature. But what makes it so magical, that it draws you near?


It is first important to understand why it catches your eye and why it has entered your life. The Dragon Spirit Guide's purpose in your life is very clear-cut. It stands for the transformation your life is about to take. This transformation relates to emotional and physical changes. This change can be simple or so very drastic that it affects the core of your existence. In this case, it’s important that you summon the Dragon within you to guide you through your tough times. The Dragon Spirit enters your life to enable you to reach your true potential. It provides you with the metaphysical knowledge and insight you need to be pure.

The Dragon's presence in your life means richness in either wealth or happiness. When a Dragon Spirit Guides enters your life, the energy is certain to manifest itself by showing signs all around you that can be very similar to Angel signs. 


The Dragon is a powerful ally to have by your side as a Guide because it makes your daily life amazing and wonderous to behold. When the Dragon Spirit Guide is paired with a Labradorite Gem Stone, it becomes even more powerful and magical to work with. A Labradorite gem energy encourages you to go after your dreams, and helps you get out of your own way so you can make your dreams come true. It clears away any dark or murky energy within your mind, body and spirit so you can let your inner light shine and unleash your true potential, just as the Dragon energy does for you. They truly go hand and hand with the magical alchemy they provide. The Dragon also arrives into your life, so you can obtain it's energy by simply reaching out and looking deeper within your inner being. There you’ll find the Spiritual Dragon hidden far within your soul and has been there all along. You just had to take the time to look! 


This listing is for one Labradorite Dragon Head. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Labradorite Dragon Head for Transformation, Manifestation, & Mystical Powers