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Blue hues straight out of the ocean, we use this stunning Larimar tower to set out an intention of overcoming hospitals, doctors, injections, and surgeries. Larimar also promotes clear and confident communication with health personnel.


If you are sick of feeling so alone...  Larimar will help you find your soulmate. It facilitates the healing of unresolved issues or fears, trauma to the heart, or past-life relationships.


If you're a new mom, you'll find Larimar your new best friend! It will hold your hand during and after pregnancy. It will help alleviate any post-partum depression and will relaxe the stress associated with being a new parent.


As a soothing Water Element gem, Larimar cools hot tempers and guides excessive passion into peace. It may be used to diminish the frequency and intensity of hot flashes, and when one’s kundalini energies have become uncomfortably active. 


As a crystal of the Throat Chakra, laying Larimar as a laying-on-of-stones treatment around your throat will unleash your voice of its deepest wisdom.


Are you a singer? Let Larimar sit with you during your 'sessions.' It will support you by enhancing and protecting your voice. 



Crystal generators not only harness the energy of the crystals within them, they also help to amplify, focus and move energy due to the geometric shapes. This makes them perfect for using in crystal grids, crystal altar spaces, when charging crystals and when charging and amplifying the energy from tarot/ oracle decks.


Place your crystal generator near other crystals to help boost and amplify their energy. A simple way to do this might be to collect some tumbles that have properties you are wanting to amplify, place in a crystal bowl or bag and place your generator on top. This has an amazing mutually beneficial effect as not only do your tumbles get an energy boost, your generator as then stored the energy from these tumbles. 


If you want to charge or cleanse is your oracle or tarot cards, or using your cards for a specific intention, or you want to clear the energy from your tarot cards... hold the generator in you hands and speak your intention before placing the generator on top of the deck in a safe space over night or for as long as feel right. This can also be done with specific cards if you want to bring their energy with you during the day or if you want to use a specific card in affirmations or manifestations. Keep the card on your altar or in your sacred space to help carve out your intention.


If you like to journal and drought down your daily thoughts and emotions, keep a crystal grid near your workbook/notebook when you are not using it to amplify the energy of the intentions and imbue them with your chosen energy.


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