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When I arrived to earth, once again, I became enthraled with the mysterious moon that orbits Earth, since my home planet of Kalenia is directly behind the moon in it's own solar system vortex. I am absoluately enraptured with understanding all I could about staying in her rhythm with all her mystical cycles and vibes. Living in alignment with lunar energy is now part of who I am here on Earth. 

I spend most of my time journaling and doodling the spiritual moon work I was involved in, so I know how important this endeavor was based on my own experiences with the moon vibrations. I realize how powerful it is but just as much important it is to share it with others as part of my own soul journey. 


Earth has become chaotic and no longer connected to nature so we have forgotten the balance, spirit connection, and harmony that surrounds us in the backdrop of this world.  However, we can repair this connection to nature by living in alignment with the energy of the moon and to allow her to guide our every day actions so we may become more aware of our own special place in this world. That's why I want to share it with you so you may find your own healing and comfort through working with the moon, just as I have. 




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