If you're ever been drawn to the vibrant Malachite crystal, it's a time for a change in your life and turn over a new leaf.  Not only does this little crystal buddy stir your Heart Chakra when it comes to new relationships but it also purfies and removes any emotional blockages that may keep you from opening your heart to new experiences. 


If you find yourself wandering down memory lane, Malachite will remind you that memories are like an old highway. If you stay too long you might lose your way.  


Have you been feeling closed off to healing your emotional wounds? I wouldn't worrry much with a buddy like Malachite who is always on guard for you and allowing its healing energy to flow through your heart and giving you a new sense of vitality and spiritual renewal. Also, if you bring the wonders of nature into your home by placing one of these large tumbled pieces of Malachite in your living room, it will work to remove any environmental pollutions in your surroundings and also add a welcoming pop of color to your sacred space. Fight the blues within that Sacred Space by allowing Malachite to help you fight the depressive feelings you could be taking on in your Soul Learning. It will help you to balance out those highs and lows by returning you back to an even plane of positivity and optimism, once again! 


Warning: because healing stones, like a little Malachite here, absorb negativity, it's very important to keep a regular cleanse habit by running it through some luke warm water until your hands don't feel 'energetically' sticky. You can also pamper your lush green gem by playing it some singing bowl music, small bell ringing, or any high pitched ringing tone to heighten it's osalary rate of balance. Simply go on YouTube.com and search singing bowl music. Your Malachite will thank you! 


This listing is for one Malachite Tumbled Piece. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Malachite for Removing Blockages & Stirring the Heart