One of the things we can all agree on with this year is shedding old layers of toxic energy that no longer need to be around or in our lives. 

Maligano Jasper will help you do just that! It helps remove one layer at a time within ourselves that no longer serve us. These unnecessary attributes add additional weight whether it’s emotional, mental or psychological. This will only lead to negative thought patterns and bad habits. Maligano transforms our spirit from within and provides an aura that can closely resemble a “rebirth” effect. This pushes you to not only continue shedding layers of yourself, but also to begin questioning your surroundings and interactions daily. Ask yourself, “What benefit do I get by being around these people?" Most of the time you will come to the realization that the intentions of others provide no actual benefit. This mischaracterization was most likely hidden due to one’s lack of judgement regarding others.


As you continue working with Maligano Jasper and going through the powerful transformation it brings about, you will also begin to loosen your minor obsessions with invaluable things. This revelation may be emotionally taxing, but is for the betterment of your own spiritual evolution. This will soon allow you to realize first hand one of life's most important lessons; happiness can only begin from within, and will only extend as far as you allow it to.


This listing is for one Maligano Jasper. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Maligano Jasper for Shedding Unwanted Layers