I'm so very excited to be presenting you these DM custom made Mookaite Bracelet. My biggest goal was to create a sacred tool that could assist you in your mindfulness practice. The fountain of youth of crystals by keeping you youthful both physically and spiritually. 


With its wide range of vibrant, earthy colors, Mookaite harnesses the powerful medicine of the earth, helping to ground and center the spirit with its healing vibrations. The adventurous, robust vibes of the Mookaite making it the perfect highway companion on any journey. A stable and reliable wingman, Mookaite offers the medicine of personal power and willpower, the traits we need to bolster the courage and insight for making life's big decisions. But what Mookaite is best known for is it's ability to calm an overthinking, worried, obsessive mind. So, gaze at our beautiful Mookaite in thoughtful contemplation and let its youthful and vibrant energy remind you that life never gets old when you feel so young at heart.


This listing is for one Mookaite Bead Bracelet. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Mookaite Jasper Bead Bracelet for Mindfulness & Beauty