Symbols are an effective way to transcend a cultural, spiritual or religious meaning. In fact, symbols were some of the earliest forms of human communication. Long before we were writing and talking, we drew symbols to interact with one another. In ancient Egypt, hieroglyphics and cave drawings adorned walls telling stories of culture, primitive life and war.

While these drawings originated as a method to communicate the story of the era, they eventually turned to symbols which became the alphabet and first system of written language.


Which leads us to the Hamsa hand symbol meaning which dates back nearly 2,000 years in ancient Egypt and Iraq (formerly Mesopotamia). Hamsa predates most religions it’s associated with, as proven by archeological excavations in the Middle East. The symbol itself is universally known and recognized by many. Hamsa represents the hand of God and is believed to promote health, happiness, good luck and fortune. There are also the ancient beliefs that wearing a Hamsa symbol will intercept negative or evil energy. If negative or evil thoughts are projected at you, the sacred Hamsa symbol will ward off the evil energy and protect you from negative energy or even harm. Depending how you wear it, the Hamsa will elevate the energy of the intent that it is placed upon. 


Hamsa Hand facing up 

Wearing an upward facing Hamsa hand is meant to protect from evil energy. Not only does it ward off negativity from others, but also your own negativity toward yourself and others. 


Hamsa Hand facing down

A downward facing Hamsa hand symbolizes good fortune and abundance. It is meant to invite goodness into one’s life.


Our little gem beauty is facing down which gives the energy of good luck and an abundance kind of vibe. Not to mention, it's set in the Mystical gem setting that brings the wearer great fortunes that even a Leprechaun would be jealous. 


This listing is for one Mystic Hamsa Hand Necklace. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Mystic Hamsa Hand Necklace for Abundance & Good Fortune




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