Nuummite benefits, including:

(Magician's Stone)

  • If you are currently walking the road of spiritual exploration and expansion, Nuummite is the stone to help you with this journey

  • Assists with soul exploration, ancient wisdom, and elder connection

  • It is one of the oldest minerals on Earth, formed about 3-4 billion years ago from a volcano

  • Bringing a peaceful, loving energy through the crown chakra and surrounding the body with a strong electromagnetic field

  • Protects from both pollutants and negative energy

  • Activates all the Chakras to synchronize and to resonate in perfect harmony

  • Helps aid in the release of old karmic debts and bonds

  • Place one of these Sacred Magic stones on your altar, beside your bed, or anywhere you wish to surround yourself in otherworldly magic



Repeat while meditating:

"I allow my own inner magic to reveal revelations to me through my own wisdom."


Because healing stones absorb negativity, it's important to cleanse your stones often with sage sticks by smudging the crystals until they are immersed in smoke. You can also recharge your special little buddy with a singing bowl or small bell by creating a high pitch ringing tone.





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