Peach Moonstone is like the best kind of romance—it supports the heart with love and activates the mind. Using peach moonstone assures that your relationship with yourself has never been sweeter. Get in tune with the essence of self-love and tap into the gentle energy of peach moonstone the next time you feel inclined to be hard on yourself. Peach moonstone is a wonderful stone to meditate with during your pregnancy. It helps you to get more in tune with yourself and your emotions to find the balance of what your pregnant body, mind and soul need. You can also use this stone in your new moon and full moon rituals!  


By infusing your heart and crown chakras with love, peach moonstone eases the worries you have about how others perceive you by helping you to recognize your attributes and how trivial your minor flaws really are. If you’ve found yourself getting anxious about your anxiety, a peach moonstone can help to not only alleviate the mind of the original anxiety, soothing the source of your worry, but it will also guide you around the mental trap of worrying about how much you’re worrying. When you meditate with peach moonstone, mentally take a step back from how you have been analyzing—and maybe over-analyzing—problems. It allows you breathe, and recall the beauty of the moment. While meditating with this stone, think about the things which make you happy. From the big things to the small things, reciting these will remind you how much light is in your life. Focusing on the light, even when all seems dark, is what moonstone is all about.       


This listing is for one X-Large Peach Moonstone. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in purple paper and mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Peach Moonstone for Self Energy Activation