The way that pink tourmalinated quartz bolsters your heart also acts as a protector for your spirit. Black tourmaline is usually thought of as the stone of protection, but pink tourmaline is equally protective in matters of the heart. Pink tourmaline keeps you emotionally balanced. In strengthening your feelings, pink tourmaline makes you less sensitive to the negativity of others. Simply by having more compassion and understanding, you can better recognize where someone else’s negativity may really be stemming from. Even when you feel negativity stirring within yourself, working with pink tourmalinated quartz can help you to cleanse and replace that energy with positive thoughts.


Whether you need to remember that you’re worthy of love, forgiveness or encouragement, pink tourmalinated quartz will enhance your heart chakra to invite that energy in. By cleansing the heart chakra of negative blocks like self-doubt or past pain, pink tourmaline enables you to welcome positive energy in its place. When your heart chakra is radiating love and compassion at its strongest frequencies, you can spread that loving energy to those around you.


When your heart chakra is open and balanced, it brings an influx of love, joy and happiness into your life. As a natural amplifier, clear quartz crystal will magnify the effect that pink tourmaline has on the spirit. So every ounce of love and support you receive from pink tourmaline gets maximized by the energy of quartz. This crystal combination is extremely cleansing. Both crystals work to purify the spirit of stress, judgements and self-doubt. When you are feeling unsure of your worth, grab hold of your pink tourmalinated quartz to remember that you deserve love. Place this crystal in a central area of your home, or in your bedroom, to fill immerse yourself in an environment of loving positivity.


This listing is for one Pink Tourmaline Tumble. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in purple paper and mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Pink Tourmaline