When tension and worry hide beneath the surface of our moods and thoughts, it can affect every experience we have. After all, how can we invest in the moment, when all of our concentration is going toward keeping these negative emotions suppressed? Instead of focusing on repressing your feelings, allow yourself to let them out. By connecting with a Rainbow Moonstone touchstone, you can release those feelings. Let the calm, cleansing energy of rainbow moonstone wash through your spirit. This is a wonderful crystal to incorporate in your new moon and full moon rituals!


Rainbow moonstone energy can feel like a wave of healing moving through your entire chakric field. It pushes difficult emotions onto the shore where they can finally be dealt with. It’s gentle energy encourages you to reveal these hidden thoughts or stresses in a way that feels safe. With each tidal push, deep fears reach closer to the surface. Once exposed, that’s where the true work can begin.


Though this crystal’s name might imply that it’s all about rainbows and sunshine, the real benefit of rainbow moonstone is that it allows you to find the security needed to access your darker feelings. But that’s why rainbow moonstone is thought of as a stone of new beginnings. It is a way to purge those negative emotions, and work through them so that you can find a new perspective—so that you can again enjoy experiences without your lower vibrations tainting the way you feel.


When you’re drawn to a rainbow moonstone touchstone, it’s often because you are going through a pivotal moment in a cycle. It’s normal, and part of our continual evolution as people, to go through cycles. But when we’ve reached a point where a cycle has become negative or unhelpful to our progress, it’s time to accept our lessons and break free. By infusing you with clarity and intuition, rainbow moonstone energy guides you to recognize both the lessons of the cycle, and the way out of it.


Another reason that you may be attracted to the new beginning energy of rainbow moonstone is that you’re trying to conceive. Rainbow moonstone is a powerful stone for fertility, because it calms the mind, and encourages you to embrace both your destiny and divine feminine energy.


Hold your rainbow moonstone in meditation as you work through these steps. Then, when you are ready to set your intention, hold the rainbow moonstone in your hand, and state aloud: "I can break free from my past to travel the positive path that I see ahead." Change the intention to whatever you intuitively know it needs to be for you.


This listing is for one Large Rainbow Moonstone Sphere. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in purple paper and mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Rainbow Moonstone Sphere for Suppressed Emotions & Chakric Field Healing