Rose comes from a higher dimensional plane of consciousness and has come to us Earthlings from the stellar system surrounding the Pleiadian stars in the constellation of Taurus. The Pleiadians are concerned about Earth and the future direction of the human souls learning here. So concerned are they, that they have contacted certain people to channel them and convey their message, like myself. They are 5th dimensional beings; a dimension which is made of love and creativity. The only things generally agreed upon by the Pleiadians themselves is that they want to help Earth and help humanity ascend to higher dimensions. Rose has helped many of the Divine Medium Tribe members with ailments like back aches, leg issues, and skin problems. She seeks to assist humans with their health and benefiting by providing her healing energy. 


The Pleiadian Realm is the next step or level in human evolution. It is for this reasons that certain knowledge is being provided to earthlings by enlightened Pleiadian beings. They are those who want to help us toward our higher spiritual destiny. These Special Pleiadian Forces reside at a very high frequency that is lighter. As we are now coming to the Age of Light, a time of reawakening and consciousness, in order for humans toevolve as a species one must become one world... dropping the differences between one another and choosing divine love. Rose dwells among us to help those who need to  see this path and guide them towards the higher frequency her and the other Pleiadian beings bring to Earth. She also seeks to assist those who are spiritual walk-ins, a galactic traveler, or one of the waves of volunteership. So, if you feel like you’ve always been different or never fit in... “black sheep effect”... then Rose seeks to aid you in this new path you’ve taken.


This listing is for one Pleiadian Rose Kit. Your item(s) will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Galactic Realm Pleiadia Rose of Physical Healing & Special Abilities Kit