Not only are these Charoite Hearts stunning to look at, they also possess a very strong power within them. A mysterious level of magic draws you near but you never fully understand why... If you regularly have high frequency energy flowing through you from Divine source, the depth and strength of the high vibrations may be difficult for some to assimilate for long periods. Charoite's emanation will help your body to adjust to that higher frequency energy. It is powerful for both healers and those who spiritually communicate with other worldly realms. And the reason it draws you near is due to this gems energized frequency to inspire the soul looking deep into it... to be of service to others. It puts you on a fast track of being a helpful and kind person who helps others transform their lives for the greater good. It merges your heart chakra with your crown chakra to create an atmosphere of unconditional love.


With our purple royal gem, you may anticipate synchronicities that become more frequent as the flow of positive energy in your day to day activities increases by its presence in your life. With it's actions within the higher chakras, it creates a perfect integration of energy. As this energy moves down from the higher transpersonal chakras, it provides a soul connection, that assists you to take the next steps on your spiritual journey.


Many light workers use Charoite, as it is powerful for strengthening the energy that encourages the connection with the Divine source. It is so powerful, that it encourages you to trust in the Supreme Being, and allow it to aid you in your journey, through your current incarnation. It will strengthen the flow of energy from the higher transpersonal chakras, through to the twelfth chakra. As you begin to work with your higher chakras, you will find new spiritual gifts emerging. 


This listing is for one Russian Charoite Heart. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Russian Charoite Hearts to Connect to Divine Source & Spiritual Gifts