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Shungite is an incredible stone for grounding, purification, and transformation. It teaches us how to stay in full balance, in our body, mind, heart, and spirit. Shungite asks us to release any silly beliefs about “perfection” we might hold, and instead embrace a life that simply feels Good. Shungite clears our auras and other energy fields, and helps us to stay more firmly centered in our Personal Power. It is a powerful protector against all types of negative energies as well as electromagnetic smog. Shungite is highly recommended for all healers who regularly come in direct contact with patients and clients who have dark or heavy energy.  It also helps the healer’s own personal energy stay clean and clear, so they can continue to do beautiful work.



Shungite is a unique heart-healer. It helps to draw out negative energy, old emotional pains, and outdated beliefs which bring us down. It gently washes all of that out of our system, and replaces it with pure, clean energy. Shungite encourages us to actively engage in acts of self-care and self-love, and be more discerning about which type of people we invite into our lives. It helps us to recognize and move away from people and activities that are toxic to our emotional health. Likewise, it helps us to accept more good energies into our life and to believe, in our heart-of-hearts, that we deserve to be happy, peaceful, and truly loved.



Shungite calms and grounds the mind, helping us to stay focused and on track. It pierces through confusion and mental clutter, revealing what is truly most important in this moment and where/how to best direct our energies. Shungite helps us to find balance, between our work and personal life, as well as between our relationships/other responsibilities and our own need for self-care. It teaches us that there is time enough for everything, as long as we prioritize correctly and don’t waste time on unimportant and uninspiring activities. It also reminds us that it is important to take time to rest and relax, just as it is important to be active and engaged.



Shungite has been used for centuries for its purifying qualities in water, and is recommended by metaphysical healers both for bathing and drinking elixirs. Noble Shungite is known for its anti-bacterial qualities and all varieties are said to boost the immune system and encourage cell regeneration. It is also believed to help ensure a better night’s sleep, and reduce obsessive thoughts and worrying.



The most important Shungite location is located in the Karelia Republic, a federal state of Russia, bordering Finland. Additional Shungite deposits have been found in Austria, the Congo, India, and Kazakhstan.


Shungite was formed in evaporating shallow water, on top of a shelf of pure Carbon. As the water evaporated, the carbon became concentrated. It was most likely created during active rifting, when the Earth is being pulled apart due to plate tectonics. Shungite deposits can have a sedimentary structure of layered deposits, or may be found in veins after undergoing metamorphism. Occasionally, it is found in mushroom shaped structures, a shape thought to have been caused by mud volcanoes. Today, the most important deposits are found near the shore of Lake Onega.


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  • Shungite bracelets are hand-carved and polished to give each piece a reflective, elegant finish.  All natural and source from Russia.

    Shungite is a rare, ancient stone named for the only place in the world where it can be found- Shun'ga, Karelia, in the northern region of Russia. It is a black non-crystalline mineraloid consisting of more than 98% of carbon.



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