Everyone who steps into the magical world of the shop knows how much Selenite is placed among various areas for charging the crystals near by – in fact, I incorporate it into almost every activity I do with crystals. If you’ve ever worked with selenite, you’ll agree with me on how amazing this divine light cleansing crystal adjust the purificaiton in and around it's frequency. Work with these selenite plates for purification your oracle cards, crystals, or even your crystal jewelry. You can also raise the vibrations and aligning with your highest self as you connect to the magic of their essence. Place one in your sacred space and draw in the ULTIMATE purest of white light and angelic peaceful energy. Selenite is also known to aid in nightmares by calming.


Named after the Moon goddess Selene, this gem harnesses the magic and energy of the Moon to help you explore your Divine Feminine power and beauty. It also magnifies wealth and influence. Selenite brings light to darkness, and envelopes all in its presence with clear, joyful energies.


This listing is for one Selenite Plate (about 4”). Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in purple paper and mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Selenite Charging Plates Purification & Raising Vibrational Frequency