Selenite is commonly found in the deep caves of Mexico, Morocco and Madagascar. This raw crystal's formations can be as long or as tall as 35 feet. Selenite is a very popular gem when it comes to cleansing and clearing the home, office, or your sacred space. It dispels negative energy and enhances clarity, focus and creates calm in any space.


Selenite is one of the most important tools in any energy worker or crystal lover’s arsenal. Here at the Crystal Cove, we like to refer to the Selenite crystal properties as “liquid light” because it clears all energy blockages. It allows for liquid-like energy fluidity. Its extremely high vibration floods your energy field with the highest vibrations of light, uplifting your spirit and guiding you to an elevated state of being. Not only does it have this powerful effect on you, but it also has a similar effect on your crystals and your environment. Selenite is the ultimate energy tool to purify, clear, cleanse, and uplift your home, plus everyone and everything in it. Now, doesn't that sound like the best crystal God could ever create for us? 


Selenite is studied in the Naica mine in Chihuahua, Mexico, home to a magnificent cavern filled with these white crystals. In this mine, 300 meters below the surface, Selenite forms in enormous crystals the size of telephone poles or redwood trees.


Also known as satin spar gypsum, Selenite has shed a light on the origins of life on Earth. Prior to 2004, gypsum was only thought to exist on the planet Earth. However, it was confirmed to also be found on Mars in 2004, which hints at the presence of water on Mars, and thus the possibility of life. Soooo cool, right!!!?


As if this crystal couldn't get any cooler... well due to its white color and its extremely high vibration, Selenite is one of the most powerful sources of light available for you to plug into. By connecting with this angelic white gem on a daily basis, you can brighten your own inner light to a point where it is much more difficult for darkness to enter. Not only does this elevate your energy, but it also allows you to create a bubble of light around you for energetic protection. 


In addition to daily energetic maintenance, Selenite is powerful for an on-the-spot treatment when you find yourself in a lower vibrational state. By plugging into the light from your Selenite crystal, you can uplift your spirit and rise above the darker energy that may have been bringing you down.


This listing is for one Selenite Mini Tower. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Moon Eir - The Divine Medium

Selenite Mini Tower for Divine Light & Soul Enlightenment