Septarian benefits, including:

(Anti-Attention Seeker)

  • Great at aiding ADHD and ADD
  • Will improve your communication.
  •  It will make you understand things about this life that you didn’t understand before.
  • You will suddenly realize that you’re sharing too much of your life on social media, and it will make you want to take a step backward and retreat to your inner shell.
  • Quite effective as a protective stone against lawsuits.A grounding stone that will center you and connect you to your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Will bolster your confidence and fill you with calming energies. When you’re calm and collected, you will be making fewer mistakes.
  • Will give a much-needed boost to your immune system.
  • Help stop night twitches and muscle spasms as well.
  • An effective problem solver.
  • Will remind you of the importance of having your privacy. It will strengthen the desire in you to keep your privacy, even if you are in a committed relationship.
  • Will help you in determining the direction you want to progress.


Repeat while meditating:

"I understand my right to privacy and allowing others to know what I want them to know."


Because healing stones absorb negativity, it's important to cleanse your stones often with sage sticks by smudging the crystals until they are immersed in smoke. You can also recharge your special little buddy with a singing bowl or small bell by creating a high pitch ringing tone. 


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