The only thing I can say about a Shiva Lingams is that everyone should have one in their crystal collection. This zebra affected stone represents the rise in Kundalini which resides in every person. If you have a hit a low or stagnant energy in your sexual love life and need a booster, this is your gem. It connects one to their Sacral Chakra which is not only connected to your sexual awakening but also your creative inspiration center, as well.


This gem is also a gentle wonderful energy for those trying to become pregnant, since this stone represents the beginning of all creation. Manifesting of divine male and female energies. They embody the masculine energies through their solid oval shapes and the feminine through their many unique patterns. It is through this formation that they are able to link to the force of creation, just as humans can physically birth new life through connection of the male and female bodies. Shiva Lingam aids in understanding polaric energies such as male/female, light/dark, and spiritual/physical so that one may see the one unifying force of God that exists behind them. This helps one to heal and bring each polarity together within the self so they may work in harmony, bringing one to a state of self acceptance as well as acceptance of the differences in others and in all of creation.


This listing is for one Shiva Lingam Palm Stone. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Shiva Lingam Palm Stones for Sacral Awakening of Duality Energy