Talk about a all in one trio! This power boost of healing comes at the perfect time in our Earth's energy matrix. Now is the time for great healing. 

Amethyst Smoky Quartz is a combination of two distinct Quartz – Amethyst and Smoky Quartz and is referred to by both names Smoky Amethyst and Amethyst Smoky depending on the dominant stone within the crystal. The two stones combine beautifully and you will find the more dominant the stone in the combination the more the piece will hold the properties of that specific stone and the balance will be created making each piece individual in the energies it gives. 


A high vibrational gem that is very protective, as well as detoxifying or cleansing to one’s body and soul. Just like Amethyst, Amethyst Smoky Quartz helps to open the Third Eye and assist you in contacting higher beings & spiritual energies and once you have made contact it will then through the Smoky Quartz element help to ground those energies firmly. The two stones work wonderfully in combination to clear and then shield once all negative energies/being/influences are removed helping to prevent them from returning. This beautiful gem can help you to break previous contracts made in past lives so that you can move forward freely and continue on your own spiritual path without the burden of past involvements.


This listing is for one Smoky Amethyst Quartz DT Point Mini Wand. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium

Smoky Amethyst Quartz DT Point Mini Wand for Ultimate Healing