What can we say about this amazing crystal piece of mystical realms but WOW! Beautifully crafted for that special someone who adores all things unicorn. But what about the crystal material its crafted in? Well, first off... it's a high vibration energy gem that the excellent metaphysical attributes it possesses. You may feel it resonate within your higher chakras, as it aids you to make a stronger spiritual connection to the other side. Tiffany Stone helps you to receive guidance from the higher realms, by taking you up through the Third Eye Chakra, the Crown Chakra, and Soul Star
Chakras, to connect you quite easily with the higher transpersonal chakras. It has a beautiful energy that will accentuate whatever psychic abilities you have the potential to develop. Now, this may vary from person to person, but it's energy will help you to expand your most dominant psychic communicational ability.


This lovely crystal connects you to your heart and your higher heart chakra, and stimulates loving feelings as it fills you with unconditional love, while also boosting passion. Which is why the metaphysical intent of magical unicorns is attached to this piece. So, what does a unicorn possess magically? Well, unicorns teach us how to see all the magic in the world while helping to view everything through the lens of an innocent child. 


Throughout history, the stunning Unicorn has captured the imaginations of human beings far and wide. The Greeks, Babylonians, and Persians (among others) gave the Unicorn the symbolism and meaning of mysticism, magic, health, and purity.


Because of this creature’s horn, Unicorns represent the Male energies in all their potency; this may be why King James III chose a Unicorn as Scotland’s national symbol. Similarly, Great Britain’s coat of arms features the Unicorn and Lion. Here the Unicorn symbolizes harmonious sovereignty. Not to be outdone, the Unicorn also has associations with the moon, which is feminine and instinctive. As such, the Unicorn could easily represent the sacred marriage and balance between emotions and logic. In truth, Unicorn Spirit Energy takes on a quest through history and archetypes to discover greater significance that is deep and abiding.


Unicorns are the most magical of all Fantasy Spirit Animals. They can move easily between the realms; in this ability, the Unicorn represents stretching our imagination and vision to places it’s never been before. Note that magical energy exists outside of space and time, so it’s no wonder that Unicorn puts us in touch with that well of power. Legend has it that Unicorns are also a master of shapeshifting and can, at will, become anything – even a human, so beware of Unicorns in disguise... wink wink! 


This listing is for one Tiffany Stone Unicorn Head. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Moon Eir - The Divine Medium

Tiffany Stone Unicorn Head for Magical Realm Connections