The moon is associated with the Divine feminine as in many tribal societies the feminine cycles are linked to the phases of the moon. Most if not all cultures have deities associated with the Earth's moon, which should not be too surprising, since the position of the Moon in the skies is a harbinger of seasonal changes. As a spirit, one is not meant to stay stagnet but rather go with the changes that are presented to one's path of opportunity. Our new Moon Phases Sphere Cradle is a great representation of that ideal goddess energy of change. 


I've paired this crafted beauty with my new signature line Moon Goddess Perfume to pull your goregous goddess energy together. Infused with the most expensive oils on the market today and a enlightened healing energy presented by the most high Galactic Guides within my mission to date that can be best used upon the moon's peak of energy. Bring out your inner Goddess with this hand crafted pair of Moon Magic. 


This listing is for one Triple Moon Sphere Cradle w/ DM Moon Goddess Perfume. Your items will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment. (Honey Calcite Sphere not included)


- Divine Medium

Triple Moon Sphere Cradle with DM Galactic Moon Goddess Perfume